Arbitrator: Oracle’s Retroactive “Cap” on Commissions Illegal
Oracle Didn’t Want to Pay Salesman’s Earned Commissions on $135M CUNY Deal
New York, N.Y. — Bonnie Siber Weinstock, an arbitrator based in New York, has found that a retroactive “cap” on commissions imposed by Oracle USA, Inc. on the commission income of a former salesman who helped the company make a $135 million deal with CUNY for software consulting services… Read more…
Jury Finds Sears Roebuck Failed to Warn Lawnmower Owners
West Milford Woman Who Suffered Multiple Leg and Back Injures Awarded Nearly $500,000
Newark, N.J. — A Federal jury in Newark has awarded a West Milford couple nearly $500,000 for injuries the woman sustained when a small stone broke through the plastic guard on her Sears lawnmower and was propelled into her leg… Read more…
Court Vacates Nationwide Class Action for Former BASF Employees
Age Discrimination Was Alleged in Terminations of Approximately 900 Former BASF Employees
We regret to inform former BASF employees throughout the United States that the class action formerly granted by the New Jersey courts has now been vacated… Read more…
New Jersey Lawyer Recovers $2.1 Million for Fraud Victims
Investors Prevail in Class Action Lawsuit Against New Jersey Broker
Morristown, N.J. — A New Jersey judge has given final approval to a total of $2.1 million in class action settlements obtained by New Jersey attorney G. Martin Meyers for some 25 investors…Read more…


Personal injuries affect every aspect of your life. In addition to your body needing to heal and recover, you are faced with missing time from work, missing out on recreational activities, and being temporarily or permanently unable to support your family.